Social Sustainability


Financial Inclusion

The role of banks in mobilizing and deploying capital for development has never been more critical. At Metrobank, we promote financial inclusion through our network of branches here and abroad, To support the government’s financial inclusion, we have carried out the following initiatives:

Reaching Out to the Countryside: About 55% of our total domestic branches are located in rural Philippines.

Reaching Out to Filipinos Abroad: We are present in 26 countries and territories. Our strong presence abroad enabled us to facilitate USD8.32 billion worth of remittances in 2022 – a 6% growth in 2021 and a 21% jump in 2020.

Reaching Out to Filipinos Abroad: Through our Metrobank Online, we are accessible to Filipinos everywhere.

Reaching Out to MSMEs: Our support came in the form of MSMEs through SME Kapihan, improved customer service delivery, support for government’s countryside development, and more.


Unequal food distribution continues to plague local agriculture. Many farmers struggle to sell their excess crops while some parts of the country face crippling food supply. This problem snowballs into food wastage and financial losses for farmers, many of whom are already living below the poverty line.

Thankfully, there are enterprises such as POLCAS Agritrade that link farmers to the market. The brainchild of spouses Philip and Farrah Inihao, POLCAS Agritrade helps Bukidnon farmers by buying from them and selling their produce to local and multinational food firms in the country. The Inihao couple started POLCAS Agritrade in 2013 after Philip’s two-year stint as a financial analyst in a multinational agribusiness company. This encouraged him to start a business that will directly benefit the community where he and his wife grew up: Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The couple studied in Cagayan De Oro and Manila, but returned to Bukidnon determined to use their education and entrepreneurial skills to uplift their hometown.

Today, POLCAS Agritrade employs 105 regular employees, many of whom have been with the company for an average of five years. As an accountant, Philip is also a financial literacy advocate. He started a savings and credit cooperative for POLCAS Agritrade’s employees to help them attain financial stability. Farrah provides free legal advice, especially to farmers in Bukidnon, as one of the few lawyers who live in the municipality. Philip opened his first account with Metrobank in 2014 with the intent to build a relationship with the Bank for the future of his business. He traveled an hour every time from Manolo to CDO just to make deposits. Since 2014, the Inihaos have depended on Metrobank as a steadfast partner in keeping POLCAS Agritrade financially healthy. From its first business loan to finance the construction of its warehouse, POLCAS Agritrade’s steadfast partnership with the Bank has lasted for nearly a decade now. Supporting POLCAS Agritrade’s growth does not just add value to Metrobank as a commercial enterprise; it is a sustainable partnership that enriches people’s lives.

Financial Literacy

In line with our advocacy to build financial resilience among Filipinos, we offer various financial education platforms to help them make informed decisions and achieve financial sustainability.

Money Basics: Launched in 2019, this educational campaign aims to raise the public’s financial literacy and contains relevant articles on money basics, from bite-sized money tips to long-term investment goals.

Earnest: This is a financial education and investing platform designed with beginner investors in mind. Users can download the app or go to the website to learn the basics of investing through lesson cards and more in-depth articles and content.

Moneybility: This pioneering, comprehensive, and dynamic financial education e-book and platform is aligned with our commitment to be the Bank that educates. Moneybility has a collection of money management topics that is updated as market conditions change. It also has interactive features and tools like quizzes, money tracker, and calculator that will make various topics on money more relatable and understandable.

#TaraInvest: This is a continuing webinar series launched in 2022 and made available on various social media platforms of the Bank. Its aim is to promote financial literacy, specifically to educate its target audience (ages 30 and below) on personal investing and create awareness on our financial instruments like stocks, bonds, UITFs, collective investment schemes, and services.

Economic Outlook Briefings: These regular economic outlook briefings serve as a venue for our market leaders and investment experts to share their valuable insights on managing our clients’ and the Bank’s portfolios, especially amidst global market uncertainty. We also sponsored exclusive webinars on economic forecasts and prospects and the lessons learned in 2022, which was conducted by reputable research company, CreditSights, a FitchSolutions company. These briefings drew nearly 1,800 attendees.

Market Movers: In these economic briefings, our senior experts and industry leaders share global and local insights on the economy and investment strategies with our clients.

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