Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)

What are Unit Investment Trust Funds

Investors of any level of expertise and investment capacity can put their money in a basket of different kinds of investments through UITFs. There are several UITFs to choose from, each catering to a particular investment goal. They’re open-ended investments, meaning you get to choose when you put your money in and when you withdraw.

Updated as of June 14, 2024

Fund nameNet Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)
Metro Money Market Fund1.854606
Metro Max-5 Bond Fund2.181999
Metro Max-3 Bond Fund2.223080
Metro Corporate Bond Fund1.208838
Metro Balanced Fund3.262259
Metro Equity Fund2.210679
Metro Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund0.957101
Metro High Dividend Yield Unit Paying Fund1.003534
Metro Unit Paying Fund0.954327
Metro Short Term Fund1.201301
Metrobank PERA Money Market Fund1.064837
Metrobank PERA Bond Fund1.051575
Metrobank PERA Equity Fund0.998443
Metro$ Max-3 Bond Fund1.843811
Metro$ Max-5 Bond Fund2.148133
Metro$ Short Term Fund1.441162
Metro$ Money Market Fund1.099759
Metro$ Asian Investment Grade Bond Fund 1.120550
Metro Aspire Bond Feeder Fund1.184342
Metro Aspire Balanced Feeder Fund0.990759
Metro Aspire Equity Feeder Fund0.954356

Updated as of June 13, 2024

Fund nameNet Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)
Metro$ US Equity Feeder Fund1.970007
Metro$ China Equity Feeder Fund0.916800
Metro$ Japan Equity Feeder Fund1.113721
Metro$ US Investment Grade Corp Bond Feeder Fund1.006875
Metro Clean Energy Equity Feeder Fund1.227049
Metro$ Eurozone Equity Feeder Fund1.182747

Updated as of June 11, 2024

Fund nameNet Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)
Metro Multi-Themed Equity Fund of Funds0.864868
Metro$ World Equity Feeder Fund1.622563

Understanding the Net Asset Value per Unit

Net Asset Value per Unit, or NAVPU, on the other hand, is the underlying value of each unit. NAVPU is important because it allows you to compare how different schemes are trading, even though they may have very different prices. A large difference between price and NAVPU suggests that the market believes that either some better pricing is available, or that the NAV is overstated.

Investing in a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) means you are buying units of participation. The amount of units you get depends on how much money you invest. How much each unit is worth will depend on the Net Asset Value Per Unit (NAVPU) which is the current market value of each unit of participation in the fund.

NAVPU Computation Method

NAVPU (net asset value per unit) is the total market value of the investment fund minus expenses and liabilities, divided by total number of units of participation.

How to understand and interpret NAVPU

To determine the value of your UITF investment, simply multiply the net asset value per unit (NAVPU) by the number of units of participation acquired. The value of the NAVPU changes daily depending on current market conditions

NAVPU will be different for various funds because the value of their investments will be different.