Our Approach to Sustainability


Sustainability Focus Areas

Sustainability Focus Areas

We have a role to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We directly contribute to several goals through our five focus areas.

We also contribute to meeting the other goals on top of our focus areas in the areas of financial access, employment, information technology and communication support, basic infrastructure financing, and community development.

Execution of Sustainability Agenda

We have outlined our general Approach to drive Sustainable Finance:

[Do No Harm] Rationalize exposure to controversial sectors

Plan for gradual wind down of exposure to activities that may be assessed to be environmentally and socially harmful

Align with Government goals (Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028) towards exposure targets for controversial sectors

[Do Some Good] Support transition finance for hard-to-abate sectors

Consider the provision of transition finance to borrowers to support their sustainability journey

Identify high E&S risk clients that require enhanced due diligence, create roadmap to reduce high-risk exposure

[Do More] Accelerate growth of sustainable portfolio

Identify and assess opportunities for growth of a sustainable loan book

Where applicable, strengthen sustainable products portfolio

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