Joint Message from the Leadership

Dear fellow Stakeholders:

Being a responsible business means doing what is right — for our customers, for our employees, for the communities touched by our presence, and for the environment. It goes beyond corporate box-ticking but demands making real change and being accountable for our actions.

At Metrobank, we see this as an unmissable opportunity to make a more meaningful impact.

As one of the country’s largest allocators of capital, we need to train our sights on ways we can further support the growing and evolving needs of Filipino consumers and businesses so they can have greater confidence in spending, investing, and expanding. In doing so, however, we must also ensure that the pursuit of growth does not come at the expense of our social structures and the environment. By integrating sustainable finance into our operations, we can support business endeavors that seek to reduce poverty and hunger, promote inclusive and equitable growth and quality education, build resilient infrastructures, and encourage innovation. These goals are aligned with the Government’s own sustainability goals for 2023-2028.

Our sustainability reporting journey started in 2019. To guide our journey, we rely on a Sustainability Framework anchored on achieving long-term shareholder value for a sustainable future. Armed with a roadmap, we took a look at ourselves and determined where we could greatly make an impact. This led us to identifying the following UN SDGs as our Sustainability Focus Areas:

In addition, we also contribute to meeting other UN SDGs through various initiatives:

Facilitating access to financial resources (e.g., basic banking services, payroll, and remittance)

Generating employment

Financing the development of basic infrastructure such as roads and highways

Supporting information technology and communication

Widening access to affordable credit

Developing community programs that help make a difference in uplifting the lives of Filipinos

We also do our part by being mindful of our carbon footprint in our own operations. For us, sustainability is more than just cutting down on carbon emissions or offsetting. By employing a digital-first mindset around all aspects of our business, we are taking steps to reduce paper consumption and waste production while encouraging our people and our customers to develop and sustain environment-friendly habits such as shifting to paperless transactions.

We also continue to strengthen the linkage of our sustainability agenda and the corporate social responsibility programs of our Metrobank Foundation, Inc., and encourage our employee volunteerism-driven Purple Hearts Club. Our aspiration is for Metrobank Foundation to be the country’s premier corporate philanthropic foundation by contributing significantly to social development, uplifting individuals, propagating a culture of excellence, and providing solutions to stakeholder’s needs.

All our passion for the pursuit of excellence will be for naught if we fail to deliver on our six-decade-old promise to our customers: “You’re in Good Hands.” Built on the legacy of our founder, the late Dr. George S.K. Ty, Metrobank exists to do good, to help other people, and to help the country. We will continue to live out this purpose, honor the legacy, embrace our responsibility, and grasp the unmissable opportunities that truly matter.

Arthur Ty Chairman

Fabian S. Dee President

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