How to avoid online fraud

Online fraud is a real threat to privacy and money that can happen to anyone. Learn how to avoid financial fraud. Discover how best to deal with fraud today so you keep your money where it should be.

Fraud Types

Different kinds of scams take place online. Learn how to avoid online fraud by knowing what they are.

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Fraud Prevention

Learn how to identify fraud modus by knowing the common steps that scammers do to access your accounts.

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Fraud References

Avoid online fraud by understanding more about it. Discover how to deal with fraud and other fraud-related topics here.

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Your Security is our Top Priority

NEVER share personal or account-related information, particularly your
one-time password (OTP), username, password, Card Verification Value (CVV),
and PIN, to anyone.

We will also NEVER ask for the same information in any form of communication, including an SMS, a call or an e-mail.

How to avoid online fraud

Fraudsters exhaust every possible way to target people, whether online or offline. Don’t let them steal your hard-earned money by being one step ahead of them.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud. Learn how best to avoid it with these tips from Metrobank.