Update your Metrobank account contact details online

You no longer need to go to your branch of account to update details of your Metrobank Deposit account.

1. To update your mobile number or email address, visit Metrobank's official contact information updating platform here. For successful requests, the turnaround time takes 48 to 96 hours.

2. Once you receive confirmation that your contact details are updated, you can enjoy the benefits and features of Online Banking by signing up here.

If you are already enrolled in our online banking channels, notifications and One-Time Passwords (OTPs) will be sent to your new number and/or email address.

Experience accessible, convenient, and secure banking with Metrobank.

Watch the video on how to update your Metrobank account contact details on the platform:

Click here for the Online Customer Updating FAQs:

1. What is Metrobank’s Online Customer Updating platform?

Online Customer Updating (OCU) is a platform that allows you to update your mobile number and email address with the bank without having to visit the branch.

2. How can I access the Online Customer Updating platform?

You may access OCU by clicking the OCU link found on Metrobank’s official website.
Metrobank will not send the OCU link via email and SMS. If you receive a link through these channels, please report to the Metrobank Contact Center at (02) 88-700-700, 1-800-1888-5775, or email customercare@metrobank.com.ph using “Report on Possible Fraud” as the subject.

3. What is electronic Know Your Customer?

Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) is the process of validating a customer's identity through online technology. This facility replaces face-to-face KYC conducted in branches during customer information updating.

4. What happens in an eKYC process?

During eKYC, you are asked to upload a valid ID and undergo a liveness test through a selfie shot. The eKYC service provider then checks if the ID uploaded is authentic, and if the person performing the contact updating process is the same person indicated on the ID.

5. Who is Metrobank’s eKYC provider?

Metrobank’s eKYC provider is Jumio.

6. What customer information can I update online?

Only your mobile number and/or your email address may be updated via OCU. OCU does not facilitate financial transactions and is not capable of activating or deactivating your access to Metrobank Online or the Metrobank Mobile App.

7. Who are qualified and not qualified to update their contact details?

All existing account holders with an active account status can update their customer information.

The following account holders are not allowed to update their customer information:
• Corporate customers
• Individual customers with an “inactive” or “dormant” account status

8. What are the requirements for OCU?

• Device with a camera
• Valid ID (see no. 9 for the complete list)
• Steady and secure internet connection
• Three specimen signatures on a blank white paper

9. What are the accepted IDs?

• Philippine passport
• Driver’s license

Other IDs
• Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID)
• Voter’s ID (new)
• SSS ID (PVC type)
• PhilSys ID (Philippine Identification System)

10. What are the information that I need to provide online?

You only need to provide your full name, date of birth, 13-digit account number, and old and new contact number and email address. To confirm contactability of your new mobile number or email address, you will be asked to provide a One-Time Password (OTP) during the online session to complete the process.

You will not be asked any other information during the online session aside from these.

11. Why do I need to provide my account number?

Your account number is requested to validate account ownership.

12. Why do I need to provide an OTP?

The OTP is required to ensure contactability of your new mobile number and/or email address. This also ensures that the owner of the account is in possession of the new contact information, which the bank is being asked to save.

There is a specific field on OCU where you will be asked to type your OTP.

The bank never asks for your OTP through phone call, email, SMS, or chat.

13. What account types are accepted?

You can have your contact details updated using any of your 13-digit Savings, Checking, Debit, or Prepaid account number. Paycard number is not accepted.

14. I want to change my contact number, but my active account is a joint account. Can I use this account number on OCU?

Yes, you can update using your JOINT AND/JOINT OR account number. However, for JOINT AND/JOINT OR accounts, only one of the account holders at a time is allowed to update contact information.

15. How long will it take for the change request to be implemented after I use OCU?

Turnaround time is at least 96 hours, depending on the result of the validation process on the information you submitted.

16. I also want to have my contact details changed for my Metrobank Online/Metrobank Mobile App access. How can I do this?

If you are enrolled in Metrobank’s online banking channels and request for an update via OCU, updates will take effect within seven (7) banking days. Until then, notifications and One-Time Passwords (OTPs) for online channels will be sent to your old mobile number or email address.

17. I don’t have access to Metrobank Online (MBO) or the Metrobank Mobile App (MBS) yet. When can I enroll in these online banking platforms?

You can enroll in MBO/MBS once you receive a notification via email or SMS that your request for contact details updating is successful.

18. How secure is OCU?

• OCU can only be found and used within Metrobank’s official website
• All messages on OCU go through an encryption process
• OCU implements extensive validation, which includes a secure eKYC process
• Notifications on the contact detail update status are sent to you in real time

19. How do I know that I am not being phished to provide my information to fraudsters?

OCU asks for a minimum number of customer information to help us verify account ownership (refer to no. 9 for the requirements). No other information will be asked aside from those listed in item #9.

OCU never asks for or prompts you to perform financial transactions within the same platform.

20. Can I make financial transactions through OCU?

No, OCU is a platform that only accepts customers’ request to change their mobile number and/or email address. If an online form that appears like OCU asks you to input information other than those listed in no. 9 or prompts you to make a financial transaction, disregard and report it immediately to the Metrobank Contact Center at (02) 88-700-700, 1-800-1888-5775, or email customercare@metrobank.com.ph using “Report on Possible Fraud” as the subject.

21. How can I know the status of my change request?

OCU sends an email and/or SMS that contains a reference number and the status of your request, and any additional step that you may need to do to complete the request. To check the status of your change request, click the “check status” button on the OCU landing page and input your reference number.

22. What device types can be used for OCU?

You may use any device such as a personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other gadget, as long as it has a camera and a steady internet connection.

23. If I visit a branch to update my contact information after submitting my request via OCU, what will happen to my online request?

The branch request will be processed and the OCU request will be cancelled. You will receive a notification regarding the cancellation.

24. I received a notification that my OCU change request was unsuccessful but I am sure that I provided the correct information. What should I do?

If your request was declined, you may submit a new contact update request through OCU or at any Metrobank branch.

25. How can I confirm that my mobile number or email address is updated in the bank’s records aside from the notifications sent by the bank?

Customers can call or visit their branch of account to confirm the update.

If you wish to update your contact details at your branch of account, please download, print, and accomplish the Customer Update Form. 

Make sure to bring a photo and signature-bearing valid ID. For payroll account holders, please bring your company ID.