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Navigating prosperity with Metrobank

In the realm of affluence and prosperity, Filipino legacy builders are on a quest not merely for a haven for their wealth, but for a trustworthy ally in its cultivation and preservation. There exists a financial institution with a distinguished heritage in investment and wealth management, standing out as a reliable partner for Filipinos – Metrobank.

The bank’s approach to managing and preserving its clients’ wealth transcends mere fiscal transactions. It signifies a profound relationship underpinned by trust, foresight, and a keen understanding of each client's unique financial needs.

With a robust track record and an ensemble of highly capable teams, Metrobank is not just a custodian of its clients’ hard-earned money. Through the services provided by its Trust Banking Group, it's a reliable partner in building lasting legacies—strategically growing, preserving, and distributing its clients' wealth to their successors.

From diversifying their assets, to considerations of retirement, Metrobank offers personalized services that help clients manage their wealth amid various life stages. Delving into the specifics, Metrobank offers the following services through its Trust Banking Group:

  • Personal Management Trust aids in wealth and succession planning, enabling clients to set aside assets for his own benefit, or his beneficiaries.
  • Life Insurance Trust addresses the posthumous distribution of life insurance proceeds to beneficiaries.
  • Investment Management Account opens doors to diverse investments, crafting a tailored portfolio for each client as managed by a professional fund manager.
  • Escrow safeguards buy-and-sell transactions, with the bank ensuring the fulfilment of these agreements as an impartial third party.

Metrobank distinguishes itself not only in the variety of its offerings but also in the personalised service that accompanies it. Each client is paired with a dedicated, knowledgeable Account Manager that gives them access to valuable investment advice and relevant investment products.

Metrobank's strength and reliability set a solid foundation for these top-notch trust banking services. In 2023, it was acclaimed as the Strongest Bank in the Philippines by 'The Asian Banker' and ‘Bank of the Year’ by The Banker. These recognitions, bolstered by numerous other global awards, underscore Metrobank's prowess as a financial institution, making it the prudent choice for managing wealth.

In the tapestry of wealth management, Metrobank stands as a reliable partner in realising the economic aspirations of the established Filipino individual. With a blend of personalised service, a strong track record, and unwavering stability, Metrobank is not just managing your hard-earned money but nurturing legacies, ensuring that your financial story is as enduring as your life's achievements.

The article was first published on Tatler Philippines