How to do Cash Pick-up through the Metrobank Mobile App

Introducing Cash Pick-up, a new feature exclusively available on the Metrobank Mobile App that will let you remit money in real-time for pick-up at any remittance partner outlet in the Philippines.

You can send a total of PHP 30,000 a day per account and the cash becomes available as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

Cash can be picked up at any of the 10,200+ outlets of the following remittance partners:

remittance partners

If you’re picking up the cash, you need to be ready with the transaction reference number and one valid government-issued ID. The transaction reference number will be sent to you via SMS and email and can be used at any of the remittance partner outlets when claiming your cash.

Note that there is a PHP 10,000 per transaction payout limit if you are claiming via Palawan Pawnshop.

Watch this video to learn more on how to do this.

Any cash remittance that is not picked up within 30 days will be cancelled and credited back to the sender.

Note that a non-refundable service fee of PHP 100 will be charged to the sender for every transaction, regardless if the money is picked up or not.

Need more help? See the FAQs for the new Cash Pick-Up feature.