Metrobank World Mastercard Airport Lounge Program


Relax before your flight with your World Mastercard!

  • The Metrobank World Mastercard Airport Lounge Access Offer (“Offer”) is open to all existing and newly-approved Metrobank World Mastercard Principal and Supplementary cardholders in good credit standing only (the “Cardholder”).

    Good credit standing refers to cardholders whose accounts are not delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, those whose Metrobank credit cards are not reported lost or stolen, and those who have not, otherwise, violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of Metrobank Credit Cards.

  • Cardholders will be entitled to two (2) complimentary lounge access at participating airport lounges per calendar year via the Mastercard Travel Pass Program powered by Dragon Pass Inc. (“Program”). Cardholders are also entitled to free membership to the Program.

  • The complimentary lounge access is a single-use lounge pass generated as a unique QR code that reflects the Cardholder’s Dragon Pass Membership ID (the “lounge pass”). The lounge pass must be presented by Cardholders and/or their guests at any accredited lounge operator under the Program, which is operational at the time of redemption, to be granted access to participating lounges.

  • The Program can be accessed by either downloading the application from Google Play or App store, or accessing the website by copying and pasting this URL in their browser (“https://mastercardtravelpass.dragonpass.com”).

  • Cardholders are required to register* their Metrobank World Mastercard to the Program via the application or website to qualify for the complimentary lounge access and prior to access to any participating lounges.


  • To register to the Program, Cardholders must abide by the following guidelines:

    • Download the app or go to the website by copying and pasting this url (“https://mastercardtravelpass.dragonpass.com”) to their browser.

    • Enroll their Metrobank World Mastercard credit card. By registering, Cardholders provide consent to share the following data to Mastercard:

      • 16-digit card number
      • Name on Mastercard
      • Expiry Date (mm/yy)
      • CVC
      • Country of Issuance
      • Name
      • Email address
      • Password
      Note: The full name registered in Program must match the required travel documents of the Cardholder to be allowed access to the participating lounges.

    • Cardholders will receive a confirmation of successful registration of membership in the app or website. Upon registration, Cardholders will see the complimentary lounge passes earned, along with the validity period of the lounge passes, in the app or website by checking the “My Visits” icon.
  • By registering in the Program, the Cardholder agrees that all information disclosed in the app/website will be shared to, collected, stored and/or processed by Mastercard and/or Dragon Pass, Inc., in accordance with the Confidentiality, Data Privacy, Security Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms and Conditions of Metrobank, Mastercard Travel Pass, and Dragon Pass, Inc. and is subject further to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. No. 10173).**

  • To use the lounge passes, Cardholders and their guests must observe the following:

    • Agree to the Conditions of Use in the app or website before making any lounge visits, and agree that these Conditions of Use and lounge information are subject to change without notice.

      Cardholders and their guests cannot make Metrobank, Mastercard, and Dragon Pass Inc. liable for privileges, benefits, or facilities that are not observed during time of availment.

    • Pre-book the lounge visit by selecting and reserving the lounge of choice and the corresponding access dates in the app or website.

      • Scheduled lounge visits must be within the validity period of the lounge passes.
      • Cardholders have the option to share one (1) of the two (2) complimentary lounge access to their desired guest, provided that cardholder will accompany the guest in the availment of the access and are travelling in the same flight.
    • Present the lounge pass reflected in the app or website together with the passport and boarding pass of the Cardholder and their guest, if applicable, to access the lounge.

    • Complimentary lounge passes earned within a particular calendar year must be used by the end of the calendar year or until December 31 of the same respective year only (“Usage Period”). Failure to use within the prescribed Usage Period will automatically forfeit the lounge pass/es. Entitlement will refresh at the start of every calendar year.

    • In cases where the Cardholder has used up the entitled complimentary passes and would still opt to access the lounges, with or without a guest, booking and usage guidelines will still be followed, and applicable lounge access fees will be charged to the Cardholder’s registered Metrobank World Mastercard.

      For charging of applicable lounge fees beyond the lounge access entitlements, please see guidelines below:
      • For access beyond the entitlements, a lounge fee cost of USD 32 will be charged per person per entry.
      • Cardholders must agree and consent to the payment of additional lounge charges from the “Member Access” page.
      • Charging of lounge access fees for both the Cardholder and their guest (if applicable) will be done in the app. Charges will be made to the Cardholders’ Metrobank World Mastercard.
      • An e-receipt will be sent to the Cardholder’s registered email address.
      Note: If for any reason lounge access fees cannot be charged from the Cardholder’s Metrobank World Mastercard at the time of entry, it will be charged to the Cardholder’s card as a delayed payment. Metrobank reserves the right to adjust the peso value of the lounge access passes as deemed necessary.

    • By using the lounge pass, Cardholders and their guests acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the participating airport lounge. Any person who violates or fails to comply with any such terms or rules may be asked to vacate the lounge facilities. Metrobank, Mastercard, and Dragon Pass, Inc. shall not be held liable, and cardholders and/or their guests shall hold Metrobank, Mastercard, and Dragon Pass, Inc. free and harmless, from any claims arising from their non- observance or failure to comply with the same.

  • The Offer is non-transferrable, cannot be exchanged for cash or other products and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or fixed price items, unless otherwise provided. Other than their intended use in this Offer, the lounges passes hold no other commercial or financial value.

  • Cardholders may request termination of the lounge membership by contacting the Dragon Pass Customer Support email at support@dragonpassuk.com.

  • For any questions, concerns, or clarifications, please contact Metrobank Customer Support at (02) 88-700-700 (Domestic Toll-Free Hotline 1-800-1888-5775), or International Toll- Free Hotline at (+ your country and area codes) 800-8700-0707. Cardholders may also send an email to customerservice@metrobankcard.com. Cardholders will be required to disclose the following for issue resolution:

    For Queries/Complaints
    • Dragon Pass Membership Number
    • First 6 and last 4 digits of the Metrobank World Mastercard card number
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Email address used in the Mastercard Travel Pass app
    • Principal or Supplementary Cardholder
    • For detailed Concerns or Queries:
      • Airport Lounge Name, Terminal, and Location
      • Date of Access and Time of Issue
      • Air Carrier and Flight Number
      Additional information may be requested depending on the circumstances for the purpose of resolving the particular query or complaint.
  • For lost, stolen, and/or cancelled cards, Cardholders should immediately report the same to Metrobank Customer Support. Cardholders will be required to disclose the following for issue resolution:

    For Lost/Stolen/Cancelled Cards
    • Dragon Pass Membership Number
    • First 6 and last 4 digits of the card number
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Email address used in the Mastercard Travel Pass app
    • Notice of lost / stolen / cancelled cards – indicate status of card
    • Date of Escalation
    • Cardholders may also notify DragonPass Customer Support directly for lost, stolen or cancelled cards by calling or emailing the contact details indicated in the app or website.

    • In the event the Cardholder contacts the Dragon Pass Customer Support directly for any concerns, Dragon Pass shall be responsible for resolving the matter and replying to the enquiry within a reasonable time of having been contacted in writing. All complaints, enquiries or disputes should be communicated to Dragon Pass via their contact channels as indicated on the app or website.

    • For Cardholders whose cards were tagged lost / stolen / cancelled, and have requested card replacement, they must update their credit card details in the app or website. Entitlements and charges from the old card will be transferred over to the new card. The Dragon Pass ID will remain the same. Updating of other details can be done in the MTP website or app.

    • In the event that the Cardholder does not escalate issues on lost, stolen, and cancelled cards to Metrobank or Dragon Pass, Metrobank, Mastercard, and Dragon Pass Inc. will not be liable for fraudulent or unauthorized usage of lounge passes under the said cards.
  • All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder’s eligibility for the Offer or for any redemption shall be resolved by Metrobank at its discretion.

  • Any dispute concerning lounge-specific products or services related to the Offer shall be settled directly between the Cardholder and the respective lounge operators.

  • The terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of Metrobank credit cards, reminders and other provisions contained in the card carrier, statement of account, charge slips and other documents or instruments, which are made an integral part hereof by reference, shall likewise be resorted to in instances where they are applicable in this Offer.

  • Metrobank reserves the right to disqualify any Cardholder from further participation in this Offer if the Cardholder defaults in his payment, or if in Metrobank’s judgement, the Cardholder has violated these terms and conditions, the Terms and Conditions governing the Issuance and Use of Metrobank Credit Cards, or any terms and conditions of Metrobank, Mastercard, and Dragon Pass Inc.

  • These terms and conditions may be modified by Metrobank in its sole discretion from time to time upon at least sixty (60) days’ prior notice, unless otherwise directed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, existing laws, rules and regulations.

  • By participating in the Metrobank World Mastercard Lounge Access Offer, the Cardholder confirms that he/she has read, understood and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, Metrobank’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Mastercard Travel Pass’ Terms and Conditions, and Dragon Pass Inc.’s Terms and Conditions.

    ** Please see below Terms of Use of Metrobank, Mastercard Travel Pass, and Dragon Pass Inc. You may view them by copying and pasting the URLs in your browser.
    • - Metrobank Privacy Policy (https://www.metrobank.com.ph/articles/privacy-policy)
    • - Metrobank Terms of Use (https://www.metrobank.com.ph/articles/terms-of-use)
    • - Mastercard Travel Pass Terms and Conditions (https://mastercardtravelpass.dragonpass.com/terms-and-conditions)
    • - Dragon Pass Inc. Terms and Conditions (https://en.dragonpass.com.cn/info/termsofservice)
Metrobank is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (www.bsp.gov.ph)