Metro Short Term Fund

The Metro Short Term Fund is a medium-risk investment suited for moderate investors who want liquidity but are willing to take minimal volatility.

If you are interested in setting up a Metro Short Term Fund, here’s what you need to know:

Fund NameMetro Short Term Fund
Investor risk profileModerate: Medium amount of risk for medium potential returns
Investment horizonAt least 6 months
Fund classificationMoney Market
Fund assetsInvested in Peso-denominated money market instruments and fixed income securities that have a maximum duration of 1 year
Minimum initial investment / maintaining balancePHP 10,000
Minimum additional investment / redemption amountPHP 1,000
Minimum holding period7 calendar days
Early redemption charge50% of income on redeemed amount
Dealing day and cut-offAny banking day, up to 12:00 PM
Redemption settlement dateSame as date of redemption
Trust fee0.60% per annum based on Net Asset Value

What is investment horizon?

The investment horizon is the recommended amount of time you should stay invested in this fund so that you can reap its full benefits. The Metro Short Term Fund is a short-term investment that has an investment horizon of at least six months.

What is minimum holding period?

The minimum holding period is the minimum amount of time you should stay invested in this fund. If you redeem or withdraw your money before the minimum holding period is complete, you will pay an early redemption charge. This short-term investment fund has a minimum holding period of seven calendar days.

What is dealing day?

The dealing day is when you can do transactions related to the fund. Any transactions made after the fund’s cut-off will be processed on the next banking day.

What is redemption settlement date?

Withdrawing your investment, whether partial or in-full, is called redemption. The redemption date is when you order a redemption. Meanwhile, the redemption settlement date is when your investment is credited to your settlement account. The Metro Short Term Fund has a redemption settlement date that is the same as its date of redemption.

The benefits

The Metro Short Term Fund is ideal for investors with a moderate risk appetite. If you are looking for a moderate-risk investment option with stable returns but with minimal volatility, this is the option for you. With a minimum initial investment of only PHP 10,000, you gain access to investments with higher yield than deposit products.

When it comes to investing in medium-risk investments, you know you’re in good hands with Metrobank. Talk to us today.

Key Information and Investor Disclosure Statement (KIIDS)

Check the performance and other important details of this fund by viewing its Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement.

Declaration of Trust (DOT)

View the Declaration of Trust containing the governing terms and provisions of this fund.


Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are NEITHER deposits account NOR obligations of, NOR guaranteed, NOR insured by the METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COMPANY or its affiliates or subsidiaries. UITFs are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and do not offer a guaranteed return or yield. Any income or loss arising from market fluctuations and price volatility of the securities held by the UITF, even if invested in government securities, is for the account of the investor/s. As such, units of participation of the investor/s when redeemed, may be worth more than or less than his/her initial investment/principal. Historical performance is purely for reference purposes and is not an assurance of future performance. The Trustee is not liable for investment losses unless such was incurred upon willful default, bad faith or gross negligence.

Prospective clients undergo a profiling process to determine their suitability to invest in a particular UITF based on their investment objectives and risk tolerance. Clients are advised to read the Declaration of Trust/Plan Rules of the Fund, which may be obtained from the Trustee, before making a decision to invest.

Investors in the UITF are susceptible to different kinds of risks with varying degrees depending on the underlying securities of the UITF they choose and a clear understanding of these risks must be established before any investment is made. A detailed explanation of these risks may be found in the Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDS) of each UITF.

Fees other than the Trust/Management Fee, such as External Audit and Custodianship Fees are described more thoroughly in the Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDS) of the Funds.

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