Make your health the top priority with Metrobank and AXA Philippines

We’ve been through a tough few years having to face the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with it is a host of other diseases which we ourselves and our loved ones are likewise steering clear from. Living healthier and staying healthy have indeed been much of a life staple these days.

Though vaccination for COVID-19 has been made more available and accessible, we’re gradually learning how to take better care of our health as getting sick is still a harsh reality and has become part of the norm in our everyday lives. There’s really no telling when we’ll get struck with an illness so the ideal approach, really, is to be ready for it by having a health insurance plan that can protect you financially and as you recover from being sick. With Metrobank and AXA Philippines partnership, Metrobank credit card holders can now avail of affordable and flexible payment options at when choosing their preferred health insurance plan.

Go beyond the misconception

On the one hand, most Filipinos have a pre-conceived notion of insurance being only for the affluent or the elderly and it shows! The insurance industry has only penetrated 1.67% of the total market, leaving a vast majority untapped and largely unaware about insurance. On the other hand, seeing how things have transpired lately, insurance has somewhat turned out to be a necessity. AXA Philippines understands that in some ways, insurance can be a little bit intimidating but it’s actually not that complicated as it seems. If you want to get the protection your family needs from financial burden brought by illness, health insurance from AXA can provide that.

Where good health truly pays off

With its noble purpose of acting for human progress by protecting what matters, AXA helps its customers to focus on their life priorities and one of those is their health. As partners, Metrobank and AXA emphasize that caring for your health lets you live your best life possible.

Metrobank and AXA hope to go beyond the basics of financial education by emphasizing the relevance of health and wellness in a person’s financial journey. As Metrobank’s Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba once said, “Health is the new wealth. In line with our promise of providing meaningful banking experiences to customers, we partnered with our sister company, AXA, to be able to provide holistic financial education that integrates health preparedness into the equation of protecting one’s wealth.”

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