Learn more about peso-denominated investments

If you're looking to save and plan for your future, consider investing in fixed income securities. These instruments offer stable returns over time - making them a great addition to your portfolio. And when it comes to peso-denominated options, Metrobank offers a range of choices.

From treasury bills to retail bonds and fixed rate treasury notes, there's something for every type of investor and every financial goal. Plus, with a minimum investment requirement of PHP 500,000, it's easy to start building your future today. These instruments can be bought at a discount, at face value, or at a premium in the secondary market and may be sold subject to current rates before the maturity. Keep in mind that interest earned from these investments are subject to 20% withholding tax.

What are peso-denominated fixed-income assets?

Philippine peso-denominated fixed-income securities are debt instruments issued by the government or certain corporations and with a fixed interest rate.

  • Peso Treasury Bill - The Philippine government offers short-term, peso-denominated securities that are issued by the Bureau of Treasury at a discount.

  • Peso Fixed Rate Treasury Notes - Invest in medium to long-term peso denominated fixed-income securities offered by the Bureau of Treasury. These Fixed Rate Treasury Notes (FXTNs) pay interest in the form of coupons every six months and may be bought and sold in the secondary market at prevailing prices before maturity.

  • Peso Retail Treasury Bond - The Republic of the Philippines issues peso-denominated securities through the Bureau of Treasury, which are an excellent investment to individual investors seeking to grow their money over medium to long term. These bonds, known as Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs), pay out interest quarterly and can be sold on the secondary market at prevailing prices before they mature.

  • Peso Corporate Notes and Bonds - These are unsecured debt-instruments, denominated in Peso, issued by top Philippine corporations with strong credit rating. Interest payments are based on a fixed coupon that is paid out either quarterly or semi-annually. These can be sold in the secondary market at prevailing prices before they mature.

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How to set up an investment account?

  • Our Investment Specialists will assist you with setting up your investment account. They are strategically located in key areas nationwide.

What are the documents I need to set up an account?

  • You will need to open a settlement account with the branch. Additional documents for investments are as follows: Suitability Assessment Form (SAF) and Broker Trading Agreement Form (BTA)

  • For Peso Government Securities: Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and Investor’s Undertaking

  • For Peso Corporate Bond: PDTC Investor Registration Forms

What are the fees involved in investing into Peso-denominated securities?

  • Peso-denominated government securities have a 0.125% per annum Broker’s Commission per transaction and a PDS transaction fee of 0.0025% per annum.

  • Peso Corporate Bonds have a 0.25% per annum Broker’s Commission per transaction and a PDS transaction fee of 0.0025% per annum.

Start investing in peso-denominated securities in the Philippines

Peso-denominated securities offer stability, liquidity, and attractive returns, making them an excellent choice for those who want to invest in the Philippines.

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