What is First Metro Securities

First Metro Securities is the stock brokerage house of the Metrobank Group. With FirstMetroSec, you get access to any security listed in the stock market either through their state-of-the-art FirstMetroSec trading platforms or through the assistance of their expert brokers. Easily invest in the stock market online through their different services:

Online stock trading

Invest in the Philippine stock market fully online with FirstMetroSec's web-based trading platforms or through the mobile trading app.


Find, review, and subscribe to the wide array of investment funds from the best fund houses in the country through this one-stop shop for mutual funds and UITFs.

Market Research

Get access to top-tier investing and trading insights so you can make informed investment decisions to grow your portfolio.

First Metro Exchange-Traded Fund (FMETF)

FirstMetroSec is proud to be the market maker and authorized participant of the country’s first and only exchange-traded fund (ETF), the First Metro Exchange-Traded Fund (FMETF). Invest in the top thirty companies in the country through the online stock market with a FirstMetroSec investment account. What is an FMETF: It is an investment fund traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) designed to track the PSE Index. FMETF provides the same diversification benefits of mutual funds with the trading flexibility of a stock. What are its benefits?

  • Instant diversification of portfolio

  • Highly liquid, as it can be bought and sold in the exchange during trading hours

  • Cost-effective, as it gives investors access to broader market at a lower price

  • Accessible online through stockbrokers

  • Regulated by the PSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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First Metro Securities Requirements

Requirements to open a FirstMetroSec account

  • One (1) Valid ID

  • One (1) Valid Proof of Billing

  • Email address

  • Pen and blank paper for specimen signatures

  • A Metrobank account to send your FirstMetroSec investment proceeds to

  • TIN and SSS/GSIS number

Additional requirements for foreign investors to invest money in Metrobank’s online stock market

  • Passport ID

  • Valid Philippine Visa


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With a Metrobank account, enjoy the convenience and ease of opening, accessing, and funding of your FirstMetroSec online trading account. Invest in the Philippine stock market online with Metrobank and FirstMetroSec.