The Benefits

Time to reach for your goals. Apply for a personal loan.

Plan your future with ease. Get a Metrobank Personal Loan designed to cater to your milestones.

Flexible Payment Terms

Enjoy rates as low as 1.25% monthly add-on with payment terms of up to 36 months.


Ease of Application

Just fill out the online application form and wait for a call regarding your loan application.

Quick Loan Processing

Loan processed in as fast as 7 business days.

Sizeable Loan Amount

Borrow up to a maximum loan amount of Php 1M*

*subject to credit evaluation

Minimal Requirements

Submit 2 documents only:

  1. Signed Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement (PNDS)
  2. Valid government ID


Use your loan for a variety of purposes such as for travel, purchases of big ticket items, weddings, or unexpected expenses.

Personal Loan Calculator

Use the personal loan calculator to compute for the monthly amortization based on your preferred loan amount and loan tenor.

Customize your terms:

A minimum of 20,000 is required. (maximum of 1,000,000)






Disclaimer: Results are indicative only and are subject to change.
For further inquiries, call (02) 88-700-700

Things to Know

Take the time to review the following information about Metrobank Personal Loan

Loan Tenor, Rates, and Fees

TenorMonthly Add-on RateAnnual Contractual Rate
12 months1.50%31.716%
18 months1.50%31.763%
24 months1.25%26.578%
36 months1.25%25.976%

Rates and applicable fees will depend on your loan amount and loan tenor. Applicable fees and charges:

  • Disbursement Fee - Php 1,000
  • Documentary Stamp Tax - Php 1.50 for every Php 200 of the loan amount (for loans above Php 250,000)
  • Late Payment Fee - Php 850 per incidence of late payment or non-payment
  • Pre-termination Fee - 5% of Outstanding Balance or Php 550, whichever is higher

Example: For a Php 300,000 loan payable in 36 months, the estimated monthly amortization is Php 12,083.33. A minimal one-time disbursement fee of Php 1,000 and documentary stamp tax (DST) of Php 2,250 will also be deducted from your loan proceeds. The ACR (Annual Contractual Rate) is 25.976% and APR (Annual Percentage Rate or Effective Interest Rate) is 30.352%.*

*Minimum APR is 30.352% and maximum APR is 32.883%.
**Minimum repayment period is 12 months and maximum repayment period is 36 months.
***Rates and fees are subject to change.


Terms and Conditions

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