Update your Customer Information


Update your Customer Information

You may update your customer information by doing any of the following:

  • Submit a duly filled out Online Customer Update Form, a scanned copy of one (1) photo and signature-bearing valid government-issued ID to info@metrobank.com.ph. If you are payroll accountholder, please include a copy of your company ID. Use “Contact Details Update / [Your Name]” as the subject line of your email.

  • Be sure that the email address you will use to send the requirements is the same as the one you used to open your bank account. The email size should not exceed 5MB.

  • After you make your request, you will be notified within 5 banking days on the status of your request via SMS and email.

If you can’t print the Customer Information Update Form, you can still submit your signature through the following steps:

  1. Write your signature on a clean sheet of white paper
  2. “My/our specimen signature/s below confirm/s that I/we have filled out Metrobank’s Online Customer Update Form on [date] at [time]. "
  3. Scan or take a photo of the paper you signed. Be sure that the signature is visible in the photo. Send it along with the other requirements to info@metrobank.com.ph.
  • Go to any Metrobank branch and request to have your customer information updated.

CUSTOMER ADVISORY: For your security, Metrobank will NEVER call you to ask for your bank details. You must initiate the contact with Metrobank to make transactions. If you think you are a victim of fraud, contact us at (02) 88-700-700.