Invest in an Online Time Deposit now

Conveniently grow your savings with an Online Time Deposit (OTD)! Earn a preferential time deposit rate for an investment starting at PHP 10,000.

You may also transfer your existing traditional Time Deposit to OTD. Here’s how:

1. Claim the proceeds of your Regular Time Deposit on its maturity date.

  • If you do not remember the maturity date, you can check your Time Deposit Confirmation Advice (TDCA). You will also receive a notification via SMS, email, or Viber, one week before your Time Deposit’s maturity date.
  • Visit your branch of account on the maturity date to receive the proceeds.

2. Deposit your proceeds into your savings or checking account registered on Metrobank Online.

3. Log in to Metrobank Online and click Open Time Deposit.

Shift online

If you do not have a Metrobank Online account, or if you are using only the Metrobank Mobile App, go to onlinebanking.metrobank.com.ph to get started.

We’re ready to help

If you have questions about our Online Time Deposit, you can visit our FAQ page at https://www.metrobank.com.ph/help#FAQ-Online_Time_Deposit

You can also ask about our other Time Deposit products and how Metrobank Online can help you manage your finances by calling (02) 88-700-700.