Metrobank introduces a “Multi-Themed” Fund for investors

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Metrobank introduces a “Multi-Themed” Fund for investors

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely overhauled the way we as a society use and maximize technology, and in doing so, has catalyzed the growth of several global digital and technology-based industries. As digital technology has cemented itself into daily human life, emerging industries such as digital health, disruptive innovation, and digital security have obtained an incredible potential to generate above-market returns in the longer term.

The time is ripe to begin planting seeds in these markets, and Metrobank is offering a way in. Metrobank now offers the Metro Multi-Themed Equity Fund of Funds, its newest Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) that will allow clients to use Philippine Pesos (PHP) to invest in USD-denominated funds in emerging markets, without the need to convert and buy USD.

Unlike other UITFs with a specific target, the Multi-Themed Equity Fund of Funds invests in multiple, high-growth potential industries such as digital health, disruptive innovation, digital security, technology, and consumer trends. The following target funds have been strategically pre-selected by Metrobank Trust Banking Group: Credit Suisse (LUX) Digital Health Equity Fund; Credit Suisse (LUX) Security Equity; Nikko AM Ark Disruptive Innovation Fund; Franklin Technology Fund; and Robeco Global Consumer Trends F USD.

Now more inclusive than ever for all types of investors, the new Metro Multi-Themed Equity Fund of Funds only requires a minimum of Php10,000 initial participation and maintaining balance, while the minimum additional amount is Php1,000.

Coupling strategic investment with the expertise and experience of seasoned fund managers, this fund is an excellent, intelligent, and even affordable way to diversify one’s portfolio, break into promising foreign markets, and to passively and efficiently build upon one’s wealth.

What’s more, if you already have a Metrobank PHP UITF account, investing in this new fund can be easily done through Metrobank Online. First time UITF investors can open an account by visiting any Metrobank branch then future transactions can be conveniently done, anytime, anywhere online.

For more information on the Metro Multi-Themed Equity Fund of Funds, visit https://metrobank.com.ph/invest/metro-multi-themed-equity-fund-of-funds

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