How to use the Metrobank Mobile App

Here are video guides on the different functions of the app.

How to Sign Up Your Account

Before you can use the Metrobank Mobile App, you have to sign up for an account. Here’s how.

How to Enroll Your Accounts

You can connect your bank accounts as source of funds for your transactions. Learn how.

How to Transfer Funds Across Your Metrobank Accounts

How do you move money around your Metrobank accounts? Know how.

How to Pay Bills

Use the Metrobank Mobile App to pay your bills, credit card, association fees, and insurance policies. You can also use this feature to fund your investment accounts. Learn how.

See the list of Metrobank Mobile App services and billing partners

How to Buy Load

You can buy prepaid load for you and your loved ones using the Metrobank Mobile App. Know how.

How to Send Money to Other Banks

Whether you’re sending money to your accounts or to other bank accounts of your relatives, a merchant, or a charitable organization; you can do it through InstaPay or PESONet on the app. Here’s how.

See the Metrobank list of InstaPay and PESONET partners

How to Do Cash Pick-up

You can now remit money in real-time for pick-up at any of the 10,200+ outlets of Cebuana Lhuillier, M.Lhuillier, Villarica, RD Pawnshop, LBC, or Palawan Pawnshop* nationwide using the Metrobank Mobile App. Here’s how.

*Note that your beneficiary may only claim a maximum payout of PHP 10,000 at Palawan Pawnshop outlets. For all other remittance partners, the maximum is PHP 30,000.

How to Do Cardless Withdrawal

Withdraw cash from any of the 2,300+ Metrobank and PSBank ATMs nationwide, even without an ATM Debit Card. Know how:

  1. Schedule your withdrawal through the Metrobank Mobile App:


  1. Withdraw your funds through the ATM: