How you can use Metrobank Online

Here are short video guides on the different features of Metrobank Online.

How to set up your Metrobank Online account using your Metrobank Mobile App account

Upgrade your account on the Metrobank Mobile App to Metrobank Online and experience meaningful banking.


How to Add Accounts on Metrobank Online

Enroll your deposit accounts and credit cards for convenient viewing and access.


How to Pay Bills with Metrobank Online

Pay your bills with ease with over 400 registered billers available on the platform.


How to Send Money to Other Banks with Metrobank Online

Send money, deposit to other banks, or pay for products and services securely with Metrobank Online. Transfer up to PHP 50,000 daily with InstaPay, or up to PHP 200,000 a day with PESONet.


How to Buy Load with Metrobank Online

Buy prepaid load for yourself and for your loved ones.


How to Move Money with Metrobank Online

Move money around your enrolled accounts readily.


How to schedule transactions on Metrobank Online

Stay on top of your regular payments by scheduling your transactions.


How to order a checkbook with Metrobank Online

Order additional checkbooks at your convenience.


How to open a time deposit account with Metrobank Online

Open a time deposit from the comfort and convenience of home.


How to send money using QR codes with Metrobank Online

Send money conveniently and securely using QR codes.


How to generate a QR Code for secure transactions with Metrobank Online

Create a QR code for easier and secure transactions.

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