Protecting yourself from fraud


Protecting yourself from fraud

Metrobank is determined to stop fraudsters who are becoming more capable of creating fake messages. Be part of the fight against fraud and arm yourself with the right information we provide here.


Sam Against Scams eBrochure Survey

The secret to avoid falling into scams is knowing how to spot them. Check out this free guide "Sam Against Scams" to help keep your finances safe. Read More

Protect yourself against Online Banking Account takeover scams

Scammers use link shorteners to try and make links look legitimate. Read More

Staying away from investment scams

Fake investment schemes have been lurking around every corner, waiting for the most opportune time to fool you into “investing” your hard-earned money. Read More

Protecting you from fraud with the Email Security Zone

Found at the top-most part of a Metrobank email message, the Email Security Zone is your guarantee that the messages are from us. It is personalized to contain unique details that only you and Metrobank know. Read More

Avoiding the Bait of a Phishing Expedition

Phishing is defined as a form of social engineering which attempts to acquire sensitive information or data (such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, account numbers, and One-Time Passwords, etc.) through fraudulent means. Read More

How to defend yourself from fraudsters

Knowing is the first step to defending yourself from fraud. Here are some measures you can take to help prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Read More

5 simple ways to fight fraud before it happens

You would think that you would not fall victim to fraud until it happens, which is why your common reaction is, “I didn’t expect that.” This blissful ignorance is what fraudsters are looking for in victims. Read More