Announcement Advisory

Advisory on Credit Card fees per BSP Circular 1165

In view of the recent update from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), we wish to inform you that effective February 10, 2023, the finance charge of your Metrobank Credit Card will be adjusted in accordance with BSP Circular No. 1165.

  • The monthly finance charge will increase from 2% to 3%*. The new interest rate will apply to all unpaid balances and cash advance transactions posted to your account.

  • The maximum monthly add-on rate of 1% for Metrobank Balance Transfer, Cash2Go, and Balance Conversion, will remain the same.

Disclaimer: Printed collaterals may still bear the old interest rates and fees.

*Except for the Dealer Financing Credit Card, which will retain its finance charge at 1%