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Metrobank Code of Ethics For Employees

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) Code Ethics for Employees

Our Code of Conduct
You’re in good hands.

We, Metrobankers, fulfill our promise to our customers to always keep them in good hands, guided by our core values.

We are honest in everything we do. We attach a special importance on honesty and integrity and we believe that this distinguishing personal quality is the cornerstone of the fiduciary nature of our work. This fiduciary relationship is of primary importance and should not be compromised under any circumstance.

We perform our work with due diligence. We exercise good governance and we comply with all laws, rules and regulations, circulars, and issuances of the Philippine government and its regulatory agencies and instrumentalities.

We value loyalty and fidelity as essential to the best interests of the Bank and the depositing public. Loyalty and fidelity are the foundation upon which trust is built within our institution and with all our stakeholders.

We promote a culture of professionalism, one that holds the highest standard of work ethic. We conduct ourselves ethically and perform our job with skill, due care, and diligence. We constantly cultivate a collaborative working environment.

We take great pride in being able to serve our customers, wherever they are and whatever their needs may be. Our customers entrust their hard-earned money to us. It is our duty to not only ensure their money and assets are safe and secure with us, but also to provide them with products and services that will help them grow and achieve their personal and business plans.

Our mission is to ensure that their expectations are fulfilled.

Our Core Values

Our core values light our path and guide our business decisions and conduct as well as execution of our work. Such is the bedrock upon which the Bank is built.

Passion for Results, having the drive and dedication to exceed goals and expectations.

We initiate and deliver work of outstanding quality.

We do it right the first time.

We continuously look for ways to improve ourselves and our work.

Integrity, adhering to strong moral principles in all circumstances.

We are honest, fair and ethical in everything we do.

We do not tolerate acts of deceit or dishonesty.

We act professionally and in the interest of the Bank.

Teamwork, working together effectively, combining our individual strengths, toward common goals.

We collaborate with our team and other teams to achieve company goals.

We build on others’ strengths and help them succeed.

We treat everyone with professionalism and respect.

Commitment to customer service, placing customer service at the heart of our business and strategies.

We go the extra mile to give the best customer experience without compromising the Bank’s goals.

We make all necessary efforts to know our customer’s needs and respond to them immediately.

We deliver results that benefit customers to strengthen our brand promise.

Heart for Community, caring for our stakeholders' social, economic and environmental development.

We are aware of the needs of the community we belong to.

We give back to the community.

We participate in nation building.

Our standards of conduct

Our standards of conduct aims to instill among us a commitment and dedication to the virtues of honesty and integrity, together with a high sense of prudence, responsibility and efficiency in the conduct of our duties. Here in Metrobank, we are a family. Each of us belongs to this family where the action of one affects the others. It is imperative that our behaviors reflect the values that the Bank stands for.

We champion the fair treatment and protection of the Bank’s stakeholders, particularly its customers, resource providers, creditors and the community in which it operates. We believe that fair, professional and objective dealings as well as clear, timely and regular communication with the various stakeholders promote stable, long term relationship.

Honesty and integrity

The principle of good banking conduct is rooted in public trust and confidence. We uphold the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Any dishonest act as we perform our duty is considered a breach of trust. The Bank’s interest is our top priority. Our behavior and activities, inside or outside the Bank, reflect only trustworthiness and reliability.

We put great value in all that the Bank’s stakeholders put in our hands, from the customer’s accounts and goodwill to our co-employee’s handiwork. We ensure integrity in our transactions and the dependability of our work.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest

We promote and aid in the advancement of the Bank’s interests. Our personal and professional endeavors seek business potential for the Bank. While we are challenged by the competition, we dedicate our time and talent in faithfully carrying out the tasks laid before us by the Bank.

We reflect Metrobank’s objective and fair business decisions which are anchored on integrity and good governance. Our stakeholders are partners for the organization’s overall development. Our interactions and service nurture their goodwill. We effectively manage our personal affairs and avoid any situation or business endeavors arising from associations, interests or relationships that may lead to conflict or potential conflict between our personal interests and that of the Bank’s.

We adopt an anti-corruption way of life. Bribery, fraud, extortion, collusion, conflict of interest, and money laundering, and other corrupt practices have no role in the way we conduct our affairs.

Customer care

Our customers are partners who must receive from us the unique banking experience that leaves good memories. We value relationships over transactions.

We conduct ourselves with the objective of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. We anticipate customers’ needs and deliver prompt service. We address clients’ concerns, patiently listening to their needs and to their suggestions on how we can improve our services. We commit to the principles of financial consumer protection. We resolve clients’ problems in a timely manner, putting their welfare above all else. We respond to any customer mistreatment with serious consideration immediate action.

Professional decorum

In everything that we do, we act professionally in the best interest of Metrobank.

We commit to be model citizens during and after office hours. We abide by the good customs of our society and obey all laws, rules, and regulations promulgated by the national government, its agencies and instrumentalities, and the Bank.

We are prudent in our finances and manage our obligations. Our lives show how we involve ourselves in worthy endeavors, developing our personal and professional relationships, as well as enabling and enhancing the public’s positive perception of the Bank and its interests.

Quality service and operational efficiency

We perform our work with due diligence. We are advocates of quality service and operational efficiency, both vital and essential factors to business success. We believe that success can be realized through one’s positive work attitude comprised of commitment, dedication and conviction towards productivity and quality work output. We see policies as tenets towards doing well in the performance of our duties and in handling all bank transactions. We comply with all policies with an open mind and full understanding that it is for our protection and that of the Bank and its stakeholders.

We motivate each other and cultivate continuous human resource development and performance management. Our culture is that of meritocracy and performance. We reward significant achievements and work productivity.

We adhere to the principles and practices of calculated risk in banking and perform duties with a high degree of diligence and prudence.


Metrobankers collaborate. With our teams, peers and colleagues, we strive to achieve our goals. We build on each other’s strengths and help the other to succeed. We respect each team member.

We realize that a great team is made up of the skills of each individual, best harnessed and utilized efficiently. We constantly cultivate a synergistic working environment to achieve common goals and fulfill our shared vision.

To these ends, we value carrying out guidance and instructions of our superiors, be it about rendering overtime work or executing assigned tasks. We shun abuse of authority and encourage every Metrobanker’s positive behavior.

Preservation of confidential information

We put high value on the protection of confidential information to maintain public trust and nurture business dealings. We keep information, regardless of the nature and kind, pertaining to a potential customer’s accounts, or concerning an employee, business partner, competitor, supplier or vendor, or any stakeholder with the highest degree of confidentiality and protection.

We protect the privacy of data and information that are entrusted to the Bank. We implement reasonable and appropriate measures to protect such information against natural dangers such as accidental loss or destruction, and human dangers such as unlawful access, fraudulent misuse, unlawful destruction, alteration and contamination. Only through expressed written consent of senior authority or the affected stakeholder, or as required by law or regulation, do we process, provide, or disclose confidential information.

Maintenance and protection of Bank property

We believe that proper use and handling of bank properties, including operating systems and facilities, contribute to overall success of the Bank. We are responsible for the appropriate use of corporate resources and systems programs and applications as well as the upkeep of the Bank’s property.

As technology forms part of our work-life, we use only authorized and licensed computer programs and applications. Similarly, we avoid vandalism and use of office machines and supplies for personal matters.

Safety and Security

We serve our customers in a clean, comfortable, orderly and, safe, and secure environment. We believe that providing our employees and customers with a secure and safe work environment greatly enhances business and work productivity. Our workplace is drug-free and alcohol-free at all times.

Attendance and Punctuality

We put a premium on effective time-management as an integral part of our culture. As a community, we are conscious and commit to the effective use of time as a valuable resource of productivity. We avoid occasions of loitering, unauthorized absences, frequent tardiness and the like.