In Metrobank, you're in good hands.

Operational Highlights​

Enabling Growth​

Meeting the Country’s Infrastructure Needs

Metrobank helps bridge the infrastructure gap in the country to enable livable communities and fuel the nation’s progress. That is why despite high interest rates and inflation, our Corporate Banking Group (CBG) sustained its momentum by financing projects that enable growth. We grew our loan portfolio by strengthening client ties, offering competitive pricing, and financing key infrastructure and green energy projects.

We sealed a groundbreaking $750-million loan to ICTSI and significant green energy project financings with ACEN Corporation, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation and NLEX Corporation, and Vivant Group. These moves underscore our drive to fuel sustainable growth and vibrant communities.

Unlocking More Opportunities

Our investment banking arm, First Metro Investment Corp. solidified its market share, taking part in 78% of capital-raising deals launched by companies last year. Highlights include Upson's PHP1.7 billion IPO and Aboitiz's PHP17.5 billion bond, celebrated as the year's best by Alpha Southeast Asia. As a top trader in fixed income and recognized by fund managers, First Metro, with Metrobank's support, reached new heights in trading volumes.

On the SME front, our Commercial Banking Group made bold moves. Despite the challenges, we boosted credit lines and signed off on crucial term loans to keep businesses growing. Our savvy banking solutions cut through the noise, helping companies streamline their operations and aim higher.

As we look to 2024, we are ready to spark even more growth and innovation, keeping community development at our core and swinging open doors to new opportunities.

Pioneering Sustainable Innovation

ORIX METRO stepped up, doubling our net income by 96.8% with clever risk management and introducing green solutions like Electric Vehicle Leases. Despite the challenge of rising interest rates, we still managed to boost our net interest income by 22.7% to PHP105 billion. This success comes from our savvy Treasury and Institutional Sales teams, making real strides in sustainable progress for communities.

We have been at the forefront of offering innovative financial solutions, turning higher interest rates into opportunities to grow our net interest income significantly. By enhancing our treasury services and refining our online exchange platforms, we are making financial transactions smoother and more beneficial for our corporate clients.

In the world of investment, we are opening doors, offering our high-net-worth clients unmatched opportunities to create wealth, showcasing our commitment to forward-thinking and making a difference.

Diversifying Investments

Navigating tough market conditions, our Trust Banking Group remained dedicated to enriching our Traditional Trust and UITF offerings. They harnessed their expertise in estate planning and fund management, collaborating with external parties to tailor investments that meet customer goals, ensuring resilience and growth in a competitive landscape.

Our UITFs stand tall, outshining those of major banks with options like the Metro Money Market and Metro Max Bond Funds, in both Peso and US-Dollar. The launch of the Metro$ China Equity Feeder Fund marks a stride towards diversification. Our team's prowess secured a PHP1.5 billion mandate from the Social Security System, affirming our leadership and commitment to customer success.

Building Wealth Through Generations

Our Private Wealth Division, which caters to the ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients, grew its assets under management (AUM) by 48.5% to PHP462.1 billion.

Providing Access to Investment Products

Our Investment Distribution team, through data smarts and branch synergy, scored a double-digit Asset Under Management (AUM) growth. Armed with 100 expert Investment Specialists, we are rolling out precision-tailored investment solutions, hitting the mark on customer needs and unlocking personalized paths to financial growth.

Leveraging on Systems and Tools to Build Wealth

We are revolutionizing wealth creation, deploying sleek digital systems for swift deal approvals, easy Peso Corporate Bond transactions, and fluid wealth management. Our tech-driven approach is opening new avenues for clients to build wealth effortlessly.

Growing the Capital Market

AXA Philippines is revolutionizing capital markets, launching the Global REIT and Property Income Fund, granting local investors access to booming global real estate sectors with the bonus of life insurance to secure their legacy. This innovative blend aims to empower investors and their families within their communities.

We help meet consumers’ needs so they can grow with the communities. Our consumer lending leapt by 15.9%, fueled by credit card and auto loans. Through savvy customer acquisition and targeted promotions, we're capitalizing on the economic rebound, supporting our clients' growth alongside their communities.

Leading the Charge

Our credit card business defied the odds, skyrocketing with a 25.9% increase in gross loan receivables. We celebrated a 42.7% boost in new accounts and set the standard with top approval rates, earning accolades from Mastercard and Visa. Our approach to non-performing loans shone, as did our commitment to digital excellence, ensuring fast, responsive service for our customers.

Catering to Consumer Loans

Metrobank's auto loans revved up by 21.2%, mirroring industry growth. Despite cooler mortgage demand, our growing clientele fueled loan portfolio expansion, with smarter marketing and swifter services pushing up approval rates and beating industry norms for loan performance.

Banking Effortlessly

Philippine Savings Bank’s (PSBank) net income soared by 23.2% to PHP4.5 billion, translating to a return-on-equity of 11.7%. Its loan portfolio grew 12% to PHP125 billion, led by auto loans.
Digital transactions nearly equaled in-person ones, with a significant increase in online engagement. By optimizing costs and investing in staff development, PSBank exemplifies seamless banking and community empowerment.

Insuring the Future

AXA Philippines launched AXA MyLifeChoice, tailoring to millennials, and broke new ground with health products for women, championing gender equality. Leading in satisfaction, AXA paid out over PHP1.0 billion in claims, blending digital and physical touchpoints to enhance customer journeys and support vibrant communities.

Stronger Branch Network

Expanding to 949 branches, with two additions and four upgrades, we nurture customer relations to help communities thrive. Despite a modest CASA decrease in a challenging rate climate, our robust network continues to empower and connect communities with resilience.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

As digital adoption grows, we have upgraded our online services and trained our frontliners for the digital shift, focusing on customer support. In 2023, three out of top five calls were related to online banking. By equipping our team and refining our complaint process, we've cut down complaint resolution times, boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Embracing #CustomerFirst, we celebrated 262 Metrobankers for exceptional service, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Leveraging customer feedback, we developed the Customer Service Talk initiative, empowering our teams to deliver on the "You're in Good Hands" promise, enhancing community trust and support.

Better Customer Protection

Prioritizing customer protection and outstanding service, we have embedded these principles into our culture. Guided by our Board, we oversee a robust Financial Customer Protection program. With Senior Management's commitment to our Consumer Protection Policy and dedicated teams working on continuous improvement and effective complaint handling, we are creating a deeply customer-centric atmosphere, nurturing trust and community.

Adherence to Customer Protection Standards

We champion stringent Consumer Protection Standards, focusing on transparency, IT security, fraud prevention, fair dealings, and privacy. Our commitment ensures customers' decisions are informed, their data secure, and treatment fair. Through unwavering compliance and top-tier security, we build trust and confidence in Metrobank, reinforcing our role as a steadfast community ally.

Customer Concerns

Clients deserve swift, equitable solutions to their banking needs. They can connect with us via Contact Center hotlines, email, social media, branch visits, or our improved Chatbot. For additional support, the BSP Consumer Protection and Market Conduct Office is available, ensuring every concern is met with diligence and care.

Customer Experience Journey

We are redefining the customer journey, integrating digital enhancements like paperless statements and app upgrades, alongside stronger fraud protection and informative campaigns. Despite more inquiries, our strategic focus on customer education and empowering our frontliners has kept complaints to a mere 0.032% of transactions, illustrating our commitment to a seamless and secure banking experience that nurtures public trust.

Streamlined Customer Management

Our refined system guarantees effortless customer experiences, with uniform complaint management, meticulous recording of grievances, vigilant credit card issue tracking, and empowering protocols for all units, ensuring every interaction enriches our community connection.

Customer Updates

We safeguard customers 24/7 with our Contact Center, #FightFraud campaign, and robust fraud management. Regular updates on operations and safety, alongside Chatbot support and digital education, empower customers with knowledge for secure credit card use and fraud prevention, emphasizing our commitment to their security.

Customer Feedback

We actively seek out what our customers think, using online surveys for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), along with checking social media feelings. For the New Metrobank Online App, we even call back if our users leave a negative review, thanks to our Customer Engagement team, ensuring we are always improving based on their feedback.

Customer Education

We go beyond banking by teaching our customers how to manage their finances smartly. With programs like Earnest for beginners, partnerships for tailored seminars, and Wealth Insights for investment strategies, we equip our customers for every financial decision.

Our digital shift is all about making banking simpler and safer. This transformation enhances our customer’s banking experience, streamlines our operations, and protects their data. It also means moving more services online, freeing up our branches to focus on personalized service for high-value clients.

We are turning our digital platforms into hubs for both banking and learning. From investment insights with Earnest to scam awareness with Scamproof, we are ensuring our customers are financially savvy and secure online.