In Metrobank, you're in good hands.

2023 Year-in-Review

Breaking Records

Against the backdrop of rising inflation, socio-economic and geopolitical challenges, and the increasing impact of climate change, we at Metrobank executed our game plan in 2023 and delivered even stronger financial results.

But beyond the numbers, more important is the positive impact we have made on people, businesses, and communities touched by our presence, including our own employees and customers.

After all, we can only deliver on our brand promise, “You’re in Good Hands,” if the legacy we build paves the way for trusted partnerships so our clients can achieve their dreams, for enduring relationships so generations can be future-ready, and for a stronger nation as we enable communities through the work we do.
This is why we continue to draw from our wealth of experience of over six decades in partnering with individuals, micro, small, medium, and large enterprises, local communities, the public and the private sectors, and civil society to create empowering and lasting solutions to today’s problems.

We help to create change to fulfill our commitment to be a trusted financial partner, employer of choice, a responsible business, and an institution with a heart.

Financial Highlights

2023 in Figures