Why choose a Time Deposit

Time deposits let you keep your money within reach while letting them grow at a reliable rate.


Reliable growth

You keep your money in a savings account and you get it back plus interest at the end of the term.


Flexible terms available

You get to choose how long you want your money to be in a time deposit.


Available in foreign denominations

You can grow your funds with time deposits in foreign denominations.

Open an Online Time Deposit

Grow your savings at higher interest rates when you open a time deposit on Metrobank Online.

Opening a time deposit has never been this easy.

  • Get interest rates as high as 1.25% per annum

  • Minimum placement of PHP 10,000

  • Choose your term, from 1 to 12 months

  • Set it up from the comfort of your home

Things You Should Know About Time Deposits

You can renew your time deposits

  • You can set a time deposit to roll-over to a new placement at the end of the term with the original amount or with the interest earned included.

  • Your money is protected

  • The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation covers up to PHP 500,000 of your total deposit, regardless of the number of your accounts and how much they contain.

  • You can withdraw in an emergency

  • You can withdraw your money early but you only get 25% of interest earned when done during the first-half of the term, and 50% of the interest earned during the second-half of the term.


    Ready to apply?

    To open an account, simply log-in or sign up at Metrobank Online. You may also visit the nearest Metrobank branch and bring one valid government-issued photo-bearing ID with signature and your initial deposit.

    See our complete list of requirements, interest rates, and fees.

    *Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.