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To qualify, you must be:

     • At least 21 yrs old at loan application and not older than 65 yrs old upon loan
     • A Filipino citizen or foreigner with permanent resident visa for the Philippines
     • If based in the Philippines:
     • A self-employed or fixed income earner
     • Employed for at least 2 years with current employer
     • Earning at least P 40,000.00 monthly gross income for self-employed individuals, or have the same
       Gross Monthly Family Income (GMFI) for fixed income earners

If working overseas:

     • A land based (technical or administrative staff/officer) or sea based (officer
       rank) OFW in active employment, or renewed/signed a contract at loan
     • For land based OFWs employed less than 2 years: Employed locally in the last
       5 years prior to becoming an OFW, or as an OFW with diferent employers,
       or a combination of local and overseas employment
     • For sea based OFWs: Completed a combined contract duration of 24 months
       with current agency, or 48 months inclusive of previous agencies
     • Earning at least $1,000 for self-employed individuals (equivalent to 
       Php30,000), or have the same Gross Monthly Family Income (GMFI) for fixed
       income earners.


You only need a filled-out form and a few documents to complete your loan application. Here’s a simplified chart to help you gather the necessary requirements.



Loan Purposes and Maximum Term

* For OFWs, maximum term for all purposes is 15 years, except for vacant lot where maximum term is 10 years


Keep your investments protected. An interest fixing period is a good way to protect yourself from shifts in the real estate market. It refers to the length of time you want your interest rate to remain the same despite whatever movements the interest rate may experience in the future. Within the interest fixing period, if the interest rates move upwards, the interest rate on your loan will not be affected.

The interest rate on your loan will only be reviewed and changed when the fixing period expires. The fixing period may likewise be defined as the period which would determine the re-pricing date of your loan.

Fixing Period

New Bookings Rate

1-year fixing


2-year fixing


3 -year fixing


4-year fixing


5-year fixing


*Rates are indicative figures only and will be subject to final review and assessment upon application.

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Loan to collateral ratio


Loan to collateral ratio

House and Lot


Personal Investment

60% -70%



Renovation / Expansion

80 %

Vacant Lot




Condominium with or without

Parking Slot