Properties for Sale

Reference No. 10828000000447

TCT No.: D-129

Property Category - Classification

Agricultural - Vacant Lot

Selling Price

Php 500,000.00


Lot no. 153, Brgy. Del Monte, Talacogon, Agusan del Norte

Lot Area

LA: 50,000.00 sq. m.

Other Remarks

Classification Type Remarks
Physical Problem Occupied by Former Owner or Rep
Legal Problem Awaiting Reply from LWD
Document Problem Not Yet Consolidated still under the name of Antonio & Merlinda Amelda covered by Homestead Patent No. 02006.
Other Problems TCT & TD still registered under Sps. Antonio & MErlinda Amelda covered by Homestead PAtent #02006.

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Vilma Hernandez 898-9001 Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao real estate properties
Majo Cabalda 857-9686 CALABARZON real estates properties
Angel Agustin 857-5210 Sale of materials (FFE and Scrap)
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